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As-Salaam Alaikum readers!


Shariah Program and Learn Arabic Online, the two big boys in the world of learning Arabic, have a lot of activity going on now. They’ve reached hundreds of thousands of people and have helped them in their quest of learning Arabic. Now they’re bringing out the big guns. They have incredible projects in the works, new courses, new offerings, tons of free material, original content, new multimedia interfaces and a whole lot of other activity.


Things are really getting heated up now and learning Arabic has never been more easy, affordable and fun! And their main goal behind all this: to help you on the road to Arabic proficiency.


To that end, they’ve set up a newsletter with information about Arabic, fun facts, up to date news and timeless advice. Join the already-enormous community of Arabic enthusiasts today by signing up for the newsletter! Come walk with us on the path to Arabic!

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