Free Trial: Experience the Method for Yourself (for Free!)

We’re glad you’ve decided to take the free trial. This trial consists of a 45 page document and 4 full length videos. Alhamdulillah, our main Arabic program has been in session for over 20 years now. Thousands of students have enrolled over the years and from barely knowing the alphabet have gotten themselves to levels beyond what they thought was possible. All based on a particular approach that gets straight to the heart of the language and teaches the most elaborate topics FIRST.

We believe so strongly in this approach to studying Arabic, that we’ve published a free report about it. This report is now required reading for all of our students and potential students. The 45 page document (and the rest of the free trial) contains a tremendous amount of teaching including most of the “Core-4%” that we cover in the first weeks of class. We would highly recommend it for any serious student of Arabic. Simply click the image below and fill the short form to gain free instant access!

Here’s what Br. Taimur from Toronto says about it: “Having taken a full year of university level Arabic, I can safely say that just the report covers more than that year’s worth of material.”